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Why you want to retain a New York traffic court defense specialist

A common question to ask when they first meet an attorney is “what do you specialize in?” People want to know what a lawyer’s specialty is. It’s only natural, because there are so many areas of the law that you do not have to be a lawyer to know that on one could competently practice all areas and fields of law. Just like if you need heart surgery you want to go to a doctor that specializes in cardiac surgery and not a dermatologist, likewise, when you receive a speeding ticket you want to retain a lawyer that specializes in speeding and traffic ticket defense law, not one that practices estate planning.

However, even though lawyers specialize in practice areas, and all we do is traffic ticket defense and related criminal defense, we cannot hold ourselves out as specialists, because the rules of professional conduct prohibit a lawyer from “…stat[ing] that the lawyer or law firm…is a specialist or specializes in a particular field of law…” Why this is so, I do not know. But that’s the rule and we have to follow it. See, Rule 7.4.


From looking at our web site it could not be clearer that all we practice is New York traffic court and NY speeding ticket defense. Nonetheless, we cannot state that our law firm specializes in New York traffic court defense, or that any of our lawyers specialize in traffic ticket defense.

Despite the semantics, at Palumbo & Associates, PC, all we do is traffic ticket defense and other similarly related criminal defense. The firm was founded by a former police officer, Michael J. Palumbo, who has utilized his insider’s knowledge to build a law practice superior to his competitors. When contemplating on who to retain when issued a speeding ticket, who do you want to go with – a lawyer who was trained on and used the very equipment and techniques that that the cop who arrested you used and was trained upon, or a guy that just read about it out of a book?

While our law firm cannot hold our law firm out as specializing in New York State traffic and speeding ticket defense, we can tell you that at Palumbo & Associates, PC we practice New York State speeding ticket defense, DUI defense, and criminal defense. We have all of the requisite training, and years of experience, in defending those charged with speeding and other violations. Having police training and experience makes us the best New York traffic court lawyer and the best at defending NY speeding tickets and what we do.




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