We can help you with your EZ Pass Issues AND a video on Hearty Hamburger Soup

Dealing with EZ Pass arrearages is a nightmare. Between the Port Authority, the MTA, and NYS Thruway Authority, they are tacking on tens of thousands of dollars in violations and late fees, and suspending vehicle registrations.

Our firm has been successful in avoiding registration suspensions, getting motorists whose registration has been suspended lifted, and in reducing the violation and late fee amount. In addition, we have gotten EZ Pass, the MTA, and the Port Authority to agree to a manageable payment plan.

If you have an EZ Pass issue or problem time is of the essence don’t delay call us right now. Our 24 hour hotline is (877) 996-6849. Call now!

In addition, we have for you, from our Culinary Counsel series, a tremendous tomato based hamburger soup recipe:


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Michael Palumbo devised a plan to bring affordable, skilled legal representation to all drivers. His firm charges one low flat fee, not a high up front fee and additional fees for hearings and trials. Their representation is so hassle free that you never have to take time off from work to go to court or even come to their office. They offer a money back guarantee in most cases if they don’t reduce or eliminate the points from what you are charged.

These are just a few of the ways Michael Palumbo works on your behalf. Give them a call now at their toll free number (877) 996-6849 for a free phone consultation.