Getting Help With a Traffic Ticket

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If you got caught speeding in the New York City area or anywhere from Putnam County to Dutchess County, then you must try to fight your speeding ticket. In this area, traffic courts are administrative tribunals. Therefore, in most cases, plea bargaining is not allowed in these tribunals. If you receive a ticket and do not fight it, then it is possible that you will receive points on your driver’s license, and this is never good. You can even get a driver assessment, which is a tax for being a poor motorist.

This tax will just add to the money you will have to pay for the fine you accrued from the ticket. And if you do not try to fight the ticket and simply pay the fine, then you are automatically pleading guilty to your charge of speeding. When you get points on your driver’s license, these points will stay on the license for as long as the law can keep them on it. Receiving points on your driver’s license affects insurance premiums, so you can bet on paying more on your car insurance as well. Points could even result in the revocation or suspension of your license.

If you decide to fight the speeding ticket, then it’s good to hire a good New York attorney or Orange County attorney. By doing this, you can greatly reduce the fine that you pay, the risk of receiving points, and the possibility of paying more on your auto insurance. Good attorneys know how to properly defend you and help you to reduce your fine and to avoid receiving points on your license. A knowledgeable attorney will know what things a police officer has to prove so that he can establish a case against you and your offense.

First off, the police officer who charged you with the offense must show up at your hearing. If he does not show, then you automatically get a dismissal. The police officer who has charged you with the speeding ticket must establish a prima facie case against you. To do this, the officer must make a testimony to establish the moving violation charge against you. The officer must describe the scenario of the incident. He must also be able to prove that you were speeding. To do this, he must show that his radar gun was set accurately before the incident. He must also prove that he has been trained on how to use the radar gun.

A good Westchester County traffic ticket attorney will know all the elements of a prima facie case and all the elements a police officer has to provide to prove that you committed the offense. If a police officer fails to provide all the necessary elements, then your Rockland County attorney can take action to maintain your innocence.