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Michael J. Palumbo is the founding member of Palumbo & Associates, PC. Mr. Palumbo has dedicated his practice to serving those who have been issued a speeding or traffic ticket or a ticket for a criminal offense. Licensed in New York, Connecticut, and Vermont, the law firm of Palumbo & Associates, PC can service your needs throughout those states.

Mr. Palumbo did not begin his legal career as a lawyer. Instead, he spent many years as a police officer. Because of this, he has had advanced training and experience in traffic enforcement techniques, radar usage, visual estimation, breathalyzer use, pacing, and field sobriety testing.

Mr. Palumbo graduated from Cum Laude from Pace University School of Law in 2001. He was a member of Pace Environmental Law Review and a regional finalist in the 2000 Client Counseling Competition. Mr. Palumbo is also a graduate of the National Institute for Trial Advocacy.

Mr. Palumbo is a member of the Westchester County Bar Association, where he maintains a monthly column, “Vehicle and Traffic Minute,” in the Westchester County Bar Association’s Newsletter. Mr. Palumbo is also the author of the instructional article “Cross Examination of a Police Officer’s Visual Estimation in a Speeding Ticket Trial,” published in the 2007 edition of the Westchester County Bar Association’s Bar Journal.

Mr. Palumbo founded Palumbo & Associates, PC to represent the motoring public against speeding and traffic tickets, as well as represent the general public against other ticketable non-traffic offenses such as disorderly conduct, possession of marijuana, harassment, trespassing, and the like. In today’s computer and digital age, conviction of a low-level misdemeanor crime or infraction can have a devastating impact on someone’s life. For example, those convicted of a crime are ineligible for student loans. A trucker can lose his or her CDL privileges if convicted of a minor drug or alcohol-related offense.

Palumbo & Associates, PC will service your needs ANYWHERE we practice law. We know no boundaries other than those limited by our law licenses. We strive to keep your insurance rates low and provide affordable service to save you money in the long and short run. Further, the vast majority of the time you retain our office, you do not have to come back to court or come to our office.

Palumbo & Associates, PC has on its team a support staff of qualified paralegals that can answer all of your questions if a lawyer is not available. Nonetheless, even after you have spoken to our staff, you will always receive a call from a qualified traffic/criminal defense lawyer, usually that day but always within 24 hours. Our phone consultations are always at no cost and require no obligation.

Palumbo & Associates, PC is also more than just Mr. Palumbo. Mark Kosofsky is a partner in the law firm, and we also maintain a cadre of skilled traffic ticket/criminal defense “Of Counsel” attorneys who work for us on an independent contractor basis for specialty needs. Mr. Palumbo, and Palumbo & Associates, PC takes your case as seriously as you do. We stake our reputation in providing excellent customer service, rapid response, and positive results. This hard work and dedication are evident in the fact that we have over 100 positive reviews and not a single negative review on Avvo.com. But don’t take our word for it. See them for yourself here: http://www.avvo.com/attorneys/michael-palumbo-1477580/reviews.html