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Palumbo & Associates Satisfaction Guarantee We offer a money-back guarantee to reduce or eliminate the points!

Our Pledge to You!


We are the only law firm in the entire State of New York to give such a pledge!

Our promise is simple. We are so confident of our ability to successfully fight your ticket that we give a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE if we do not reduce or eliminate the points that you are charged. It’s that simple.

For example, if you are charged with a violation or violations totaling 6 points, if we are unsuccessful in getting the points eliminated or a conviction reduced to less than 6, then we give you your money back.

Some exceptions do apply.

This guarantee is not valid if you were written a ticket returnable to any DMV court, such as the NYC TVB Court, or any other TVB Court, or the Suffolk County TVA Court. This is because those courts are not courts of law but administrative tribunals. Consequently, the nature of the defense is different, and in addition, many of the devices available at our disposal to fight the charge are unavailable.

This guarantee is also not valid if one or more of your charges are misdemeanors. We are prohibited by attorney ethics rules from making any such guarantees in a criminal matter.

This guarantee does not apply if you were speeding at speeds of 100 miles an hour or greater, charged with the infraction of passing a stopped school bus (VTL § 1174), or your tickets were issued in conjunction with an automobile crash. We must except these infractions because prosecutors and judges alike are very harsh on motorists so0 charged. Any moving violation carries with it the potential for a jail sentence and/or license suspension. Judges often look to do just that when charged with a 100+ MPH speed or running past a stopped school bus. Moreover, tickets written when you were involved in an accident are inherently complex. Consequently, in those situations, there may be times when the best deal is to plead guilty to the charge in consideration of an agreed-upon sentence to avoid jail and license suspensions.

What Our Office Can Do for You

Our law office offers convenience, ease, and certitude of a positive outcome. Our traffic ticket defense service is convenient because it is statewide. We will represent you in any court in the State of New York. Our traffic court defense service is easy because our traffic court lawyers get your court appearance waived so you do not have to go to court. Nor do you ever have to come to our office. In other words, we do everything for you. We give you peace of mind that you will have a positive outcome by giving you a money-back guarantee, in most cases, to reduce or eliminate the points and thereby prevent an insurance increase or license suspension.

Getting Started

Getting started with our office is easy. Call us toll-free at (877) 99-NO-TIX (1-877-996-6849) or email us through this site. All we need to know is your name, the name of the court your speeding ticket is returned to (or the town or county where you were issued the ticket), the charge or charges, and if a speeding ticket, then the speed limit and the speed charged. You can do this by writing the information in an email, canning and emailing your ticket(s), or faxing the tickets to us at (914) 777-2999. With that minimal information, we can provide you with a no-cost, no-obligation phone consultation. Don’t wait. Call today!