Common DUI Questions

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Common New York City DUI Questions

There are many questions and concerns when you get stuck with a Manhattan DUI. The following are some of the most commons with the answers following.

Do I need a lawyer? No, not necessarily. If you are going to plead guilty you do not need one. Or if you are not pleading guilty, you can technically try to negotiate for yourself. In this case, you would not need an attorney either. But having a attorney will definitely help you plead your case and will get you better deal than you would for yourself. A knowledgeable DUI attorney knows all of the ins and outs of Bronx DUI issues and will be able to help you through your case.

Can I beat the charge? This is possible, it all depends on your situation. Many DUI charges are very difficult to beat. It also costs lots of money to make a deal. The police are generally very thorough when handing these charges and oftentimes most defendants tend to be guilty.

What do lawyers charge? Attorney fees vary widely for these kind of cases. Fees can vary from starting fees of $350 to $5,000. Most knowledgeable Staten Island DUI attorneys start out at $1,000. It all depends on how much time the attorney is taking out for the case.

Will I be able to get a plea bargain? A good knowledgeable attorney can usually get a first-time Brooklyn DUI charge reduced to a DWAI. Depending in what county you are located, it can be harder or easier to do this. It can be especially hard to do this if your blood-alcohol concentration (BAC) was really high. Prosecutors in different counties can have different set numbers in mind already. Some prosecutors, though, will agree to a plea bargain regardless of what your BAC was. But other factors can make a difference, too. If this is your first charge, if you have a previous criminal record and things like this can definitely have an effect on whether or not you get a plea bargain.

Do I have to come to court? In most cases you usually do. If you are from out of state you usually don’t and you’re attorney will appear for you. But if you live in the state then you definitely do. When you come to court you will have to give up your license and then the judge will explain to you what you have to do next.

What is the difference between a DUI, DWI, and DWAI? A Queens DUI means Driving Under the Influence. It is used as a general term and is not technically a legal term for the offense. DWI stands fro Driving While Intoxicated. Lastly, DWAI is used for Driving While Ability Impaired. These last two terms differentiate only in consideration for how high the defendant’s BAC was.

Will my insurance rates go up? Most likely they will. If you are from out of state, this is an unsure thing. A New York City DUI conviction may not affect your insurance or your insurance company may not find out about the conviction. But if you live in New York then your insurance will more than likely increase. In very serious cases of DUI convictions, an insurance can even drop you as a customer.