Driving on Road Laned for Traffic

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New York VTL § 1128 Driving on Road Laned for Traffic Defense Lawyer

Have you been charged with VTL § 1128, Failing to Drive on Road Laned for Traffic?

Our New York VTL § 1128 traffic court defense lawyers can defend you when charged with a lane violation. If you have been charged with NY VTL § 1128, driving outside of a marked lane, we can defend you against the charge in all courts of the State of New York. Our NY traffic court lawyers have extensive training and experience in fighting lane change violations, NY VTL § 1128. If cited for a lane change violation call our firm. Our lane change traffic court defense lawyers will provide you with a free phone consultation so you can find out how we can defend you against your improper passing violation, NY VTL § 1128.

VTL § 1128 – Driving Within Designated Lane

The statute proscribes that when a road has been divided into clearly marked lanes for traffic, a motorist shall:

  • Drive within the lane
  • Not move from the lane until it is safe to do so
  • Not drive on the center lane of a 3 lane roadway designed for opposite direction traffic until it is safe to do so and only for passing another vehicle or turning left
  • In addition, when traffic control devices direct, slow moving traffic and commercial vehicles must use the designated lanes, and no driver shall cross a double yellow line.

Defenses to NY VTL § 1128 Driving Within Designated Lane

Often the charge stems from an accident. In most cases the officer did not witness the accident, which gives rise to a dismissal, as an officer is prohibited from charging an infraction he did not witness. When the officer did witness the alleged violation often times it is merely a matter of opinion that the person failed to maintain a lane or unsafely moved from a lane. This is a powerful defense, as the statute is written subjectively.

If you have been charged with a lane or lane change violation, NY VTL § 1128, call us. We offer a free, no cost, no obligation phone consultation.