Failure To Pass on the Right Side of the Road

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New York VTL § 1121 Driving on the right side of road Defense Lawyer

Have you been charged with VTL § 1121, failing to pass on the right in New York?

Our New York failure to pass on the right side of road traffic court defense lawyers can represent you when you have been charged with New York VTL § 1121. Have you been in an accident and were charged with NY VTL § 1121? If so you cannot plead guilty to the charge, as you are facing a large insurance increase just for the accident, and even more if you are found guilty of failing to pass on the right. Our lawyers can represent you throughout the State of New York. We have extensive training and experience in fighting a failure to pass on the right side of road ticket, NY VTL § 1121. If cited for failure to pass on the right side of road call our firm. We will give you a free phone consultation so you can find out how we can defend you against your failure to pass on the right side of road violation, NY VTL § 1121.

VTL § 1121 – Passing on the Right Side of the Road

Simply put, the law proscribes that when vehicles are proceeding in the opposite directions, the drivers, while passing each other, shall pass to the right and if the road does not have width for more than one line of traffic in each direction then each driver shall yield at least one half of the main travel portion of the road, or as best as possible.

NY VTL § 1121 usually arises out of an accident whereby it is alleged that one party went over the center line and struck the other vehicle in their travel lane. If this has happened to you, contact us immediately for a free consultation.

Defenses to NY VTL § 1121 failure to pass right

There are numerous defenses to a charge of NY VTL § 1121. Often the police officer did not witness an accident or offense, so it is just a guess at the charge. In New York, it is impermissible for a police officer to issue a summons upon a traffic infraction that he or she did not witness. Often, VTL § 1121 is charged with similar violations as well. This gives rise to a constitutional double jeopardy defense as well as a defense within the statute.