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New York VTL § 1160 or § 1161 Improper Turn / U-Turn Defense Lawyer

Have you been charged with VTL § 1160 or § 1161 improper turn or u-turn in New York?

Our New York improper turn / u-turn traffic court lawyers and attorneys can represent you when charged with improper turn anywhere in New York State. We have extensive experience in defending improper turn / u-turn ticket, NY VTL § 1160 or NY VTL § 1161. If cited for improper turn / u-turn call our firm and speak to a NY lawyer for a free consultation to find out how we can help.

New York VTL § 1160 proscribes vehicle positioning when turning your vehicle at intersections. Right turns must be made from the right hand lane, and left turns from the left lane on your side of the centerline of the roadway and the turn should be made into the left lane. No turn shall be made into a prohibited lane or in a fashion prohibited by traffic control devices. When making a U-turn, it must be done to and from as near as possible to the center line, and when there is a left turn only lane then from that lane.

New York VTL § 1161 prohibits u-turns when approaching vehicles have restricted vision within 500 feet of a:

  • curve
  • Approach to a curve
  • Near the crest of a grade
  • In addition, it is prohibited for a vehicle to make a u-turn in a school zone.

NY VTL § 1162 regulates turns from a stopped position in a parked vehicle. Such turns must also be done safely. Under NY VTL § 1162. A parked or stopped / standing vehicle cannot be moved until the movement can be done with reasonable safety.

NY VTL § 1166 regulates positioning of vehicles when turning from the street into alleys, driveways, and private roads or property off of the roadway. Right turns must be made as close as possible from the right edge of the roadway, and left turns must be made from the left travel portion. If turning left off of a one ways street, then the turn must be made from the left side of the roadway.

Defenses to NY VTL § 1160, NY VTL § 1161, or NY VTL § 1162 charges

There are many defenses to improper turn, improper or prohibited u-turn, and unsafe movement from a stopped position. Often the charges are charged together or with other charges for one incident. Such overcharging is illegal, and gives rise to a constitutional double jeopardy argument. We can also demand all of our disclosure and discovery, and also attempt a negotiated plea.

Our defense of you against you

There are several avenues that our NY improper turn, improper u-turn, or unsafe movement defense lawyers can take when defending you against the charges. For example, we can call into question the veracity of the claim of a “school zone.” We can contest the roadway design as you being in conformity with the law based on roadway design. We can move to dismiss for imperfections in the ticket.