Running a Red Light

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VTL § 1111 New York Red Light Defense Lawyer

Have you been charged with VTL § 1111(d)(1), running a red light in New York?

Our New York red light defense lawyers and attorneys can represent you when you have been charged with running a red light. Our lawyers can represent you anywhere in New York State. We have extensive experience in defending running a red light ticket, NY VTL § 1111(d)(1). If cited for running a red light call our firm and speak to a NY lawyer for a free consultation to find out how we can defend you against your red light violation, NY VTL § 1111(d)(1).

New York VTL § 1111(d)(1) prescribes stopping either (1) at a stop line, or (2) before entering the crosswalk, or (3) near the intersection. When a light is yellow, a vehicle may enter the intersection under warning that the green movement is being terminated and that the red light will be exhibited immediately thereafter. See, NY VTL § 1111(b)(1). Further, under NY VTL § 1175 a motorist cannot enter an intersection even if they have the light unless they can traverse the entire intersection without blocking the box.

Defenses to NY VTL § 1111(d)(1) failure to stop

There is a defense rooted in NY VTL § 1111(b)(1). It is permissible to enter an intersection while the light is yellow. So long as any portion of the vehicle is in the intersection when the light turns red there is no violation of the law. There is also a defense in the timing of the light, as there has to be sufficient time for the steady yellow light. In addition, often the police officer does not have a clear and unobstructed view of the traffic light. Observing from the side of the light is insufficient, as there is a shroud whose job it is to block the light from side angle views.

Our defense of you against your ran red light, VTL § 1111(d)(1) charge

There are numerous ways our NY running a red light defense lawyers can defend you against the charge. For example, we can call into question the visibility of the light, the timing of the light or whether you were permissibly in the intersection. When VTL § 1111(d)(1) is charged with other infractions there is also a double jeopardy defense as well as other defenses.